Success Stories

Let's start talking! Together we can achieve results neither of us could alone.

"We can all sleep a little easier knowing they [DSC] are doing a good job of taking care of our product...The facility itself is well secured and controlled as well which simply adds to this being a class operation."

"...we have been pleased with their [DSC's] capabilities, willingness to partner and their ownership of how they manage our brands as if they were their own."

“…[our] Supply Chain was recognized for our leadership in the eCommerce space. Clearly, the…organization feels we are stepping to the plate in helping to shape the future of this growing segment of the business. This credit would not be possible without the outstanding partnership we have with DSC. Your team (Leadership, Engineering, HR, Dist Ops) has risen to the occasion by sharing your experiences with us as we worked together to plan and execute...Thank you for all you have done to date and for all that you continue to do to support the growth of this business!"

"Wow, what a great finish. The DSC team did a fantastic job last night. All month long the planning and adjustments placed (us) in the best position to accept any uphill challenge that might hit us on Monday. Monday’s hurdles started with jumping on the late hot containers that arrived in the afternoon. As Murphy’s Law presented itself on Monday evening with late orders, DSC made excellent midstream adjustments to complete all orders. A truly remarkable feat!!"

“As it is well known, we work in the production world, where things are changing constantly…I know firsthand that it can be very frustrating at times, because of the constant and swift changes, but I must say that it is a pleasure to work with your staff. They are always very accommodating and seem to be able to pick up and go with the flow - whichever direction that might be going! I have never, even once, heard any one of them complain about any change or mistake that someone here might have made. This display of professionalism speaks volumes for your company and your management skills.

"Please note that their hard work does not go unnoticed! It is a pleasure to do business with you and your employees. I am very proud of the relationship that we have built over the last few years and look forward to strengthening that bond in the future.”

"It was a great visit. Your scorecard performance, overall improvement, engagement from the team and our co-pack experience were all great. I very much look forward to what the future brings!"

"Best visit to the site ever. You guys had a really good year and did a great job sharing the stories. Your safety record is outstanding and your…audit performance is a capstone achievement. You continue to optimize and innovate, and have helped drive quality at our…mill."

"The facility is the best we have ever seen it. DSC has risen to the top of the list with quality management. It’s happening more and more often these days, when we find ourselves facing a challenge, someone on our team will say, ‘I wonder what DSC would recommend. Let’s give them a call...’”

"I really appreciate how much you have incorporated our culture. It’s gotten to the point where DSC feels like such a natural extension of our team, it's hard to tell where we end and you begin. It feels like we are all part of the same company."

"This speaks well about the execution from your team... Prior, during and Post Implementation. The hard long hours and detailed required work does get noticed."

"Just a quick shout out to say THANKS for a job well done. …DC ops and Customer Service teams all contributed to an incredibly seamless transition...Great job by you all. Your efforts are greatly appreciated!"

"Great work! This team did an AMAZING job delivering the business with a major transition. Thank you all for your hard work and dedication to excellence!"

"Thank you for all of the effort you have put into assuring our Business Continuity Tests are successful, time after time. You guys are great to work with. I can always count on you to coordinate, set-up, monitor our tests, and put-away as requested. I know you have other demands on your time, so your emphasis on overseeing these details is doubly appreciated. It is great customer service and indicative of your commitment to our business."

"OUTSTANDING JOB to you and your team! You have demonstrated what it means to take pride in the work you do, ensure items are built on time, in full, and your work force understands the complexities around why we do what we do on a daily basis... Continue to keep up the great work on all that you are doing!!"

“Thank you all for how well your teams have reacted to this need and for helping (us) supply our customers with these RKT Shippers. I appreciate your partnership & leadership in making these builds and shipments happen so quickly! Also, for making us all look great here in the HQ office to our business partners and our customers. Sincerely appreciate the hoops you have jumped through over the past 48 hours and please pass on our gratitude to the rest of your teams…”

"Once again, your team does NOT disappoint :) I wouldn't want my customers' stock in ANY other warehouse!! [Our customer] and I greatly appreciate the quick response on this…shipment. Thanks Team!!!"

"My HEROES!!! A+ service if I had to complete a survey :)"

“Our new…warehouse is officially up and running…This truly reflects the best of…strategic partners like DSC. Bringing [the facility] up in such a short time reflects the dedication, planning, and passion that has made [us] successful!!!...Thank you - well done!!!!”