Developing supply chain pros who are ready for anything!

Today’s supply chain management means overseeing a complex and constant stream of information and products flowing across time, space, companies and countries. In this fast-paced business environment, technical know-how is essential, but it’s not enough.

When dramatic changes are taking place almost overnight, people at every level of the supply chain organization must be knowledgeable, flexible and resourceful. Leaders must be able to understand the entire supply chain, anticipate and recognize changing dynamics at the earliest stage, and know how to adapt the business to benefit both the customer and the customer’s customer.

At DSC Logistics, we expect leaders to be bright, aware, collaborative and action-oriented, and we actually develop leaders like that. In fact, leadership is one of the most critical components of the DSC Value Proposition. From recruiting of current and potential leaders to our process of Leadership Development, we prepare our people to think and act proactively—as individuals, as part of a team and in collaboration with customers.

Through Successful Careers in Logistics (SCIL), our specialized college recruiting program, we identify outstanding future leaders. Our Logistics Managers (LM I, II, III) process provides training and the broad experience necessary for development of future supply chain leaders. The Organizational Development Review (ODR) process evaluates and prepares our more senior leaders to be ready for the future. We recruit, train and promote leaders who possess certain skills and who also understand the total supply chain. We provide all of our leaders with opportunities to work on projects and assignments that broaden and deepen their supply chain experience. Through all three levels of training and development we stress the importance of collaboration and the value of process management.

Throughout DSC, we’ve adopted a transformational strategy, structure and culture that prepares all employees to sense-and-respond to changes in the business environment and to anticipate, understand and make the most of change, even when it is unpredictable. Proactive and poised for action, our employees are prepared to manage a changing, flexible supply chain.

We choose to lead.