Making smarter, faster decisions

As companies search for ways to increase profits and reduce costs, implement new strategies and achieve their goals, the option of getting better information FASTER is certainly at the top of the list. The truth is, decision-makers at all levels of an enterprise can do things differently if they can see what’s happening and understand the implications. Being able to anticipate (know more and know it earlier) puts a business ahead of the curve.

For that reason, gaining access to more advanced information technology is often one of the key motivations for outsourcing logistics and supply chain management. But it’s not merely access to data that gets results; it’s also being connected to people and systems that have the ability to turn data into meaningful knowledge. Only then can we learn from the data and use that knowledge to make change happen.

At DSC, we connect our information capabilities to our customer’s strategic objectives. In accomplishing this critical first step, it’s as much asking the right questions as it is having the right tools. What do you want to know? When do you need to know it? If our customer isn’t sure about the answers, we can help. If we don’t have the capability, we work to build it.

We help our customer dramatically improve visibility. With our tools, such as Advanced Supply Chain Knowledge (ASK!), information is delivered to decision-makers’ desktops in close to real time. Improved visibility across the enterprise increases flexibility and reduces cost by providing access to information about inventory, orders and shipments – in time to spot potential problems and make immediate adjustments.

We help our customer extract relevant supply chain data from multiple systems and disperse it rapidly across the network. We move quickly to integrate systems so the information a customer needs – throughout the enterprise – can be accessed immediately. Through DSC’s experienced use of EDI and other data-sharing tools, integrating a customer’s business processes with ours is much less difficult and time-consuming than it would otherwise be.

Throughout the life cycle of the outsourced supply chain – from providing an early-on network analysis using LogicTools to continually reviewing operations through the RedPrairie LMS that helps our employees work smarter – DSC uses information to achieve better performance and to improve results.

We keep our eyes on the business.