Making the most of change

Not so long ago, the best supply chain was one that was put “in place” and stayed there. Knowing our customer’s wishes, following through and solving problems when they occurred were the only objectives. The issues were competency and efficiency. Those are “givens” today in any supply chain partnership. But today’s supply chain must do even more.

In today’s dynamic and highly demanding business environment, our customers don’t just choose to outsource for competency and efficiency; they want us to help them use the supply chain as a highly effective and adaptive tool. They want—and need—us to create strategies. Develop solutions. Pre-empt problems. Manage change and information. Achieve their business goals. Instead of placing the highest value on predictability and repetition, we now deliver maximum flexibility and responsiveness.

Why? Because we live and work in a world of rapid, dramatic and unpredictable change.

We must be prepared to think quickly and act promptly whenever our customer’s needs – or our customer’s customer’s needs – change. We help our customer’s supply chain become ready for anything!

We’ve created a culture that welcomes change. Capabilities and processes that are highly adaptable. Resources that are rapidly deployable. Technology that disperses information immediately. Leaders and employees who are proactive and resourceful. Relationships built on collaboration and trust. Those are some of the important ways DSC is ready to anticipate, to respond to, and to lead change. And, by being ready for anything! we are able to make the most of situations and opportunities that others find overwhelming.

We help our customers achieve their goals by planning for and achieving effective integration and, ultimately, by becoming a strategic partner. In today’s highly-interactive and fast-moving world, supply chain business processes impact all aspects of our customer’s business—including product flow, information flow and cash flow—a day in and day out synchronization of all horizontal processes. The ability to integrate these business processes and to keep adapting them to changing circumstances is a critical factor of success in business today.

We provide our customers a tremendous opportunity to take charge of change and to use greater flexibility as a competitive advantage and a powerful business tool

We are a thinking, learning organization.