Reducing costs, improving results
through flawless execution

Once a company begins partnering with DSC Logistics, we apply what we’ve learned through experience, working with many customers in many different situations. We know the solution development and planning phase is one of the most critical stages in an outsourcing relationship, the time to define expectations, obtain information, plan how the partnership will proceed and develop integrated operational processes. During this stage, we focus on understanding our customer’s goals.

No two business situations are alike. So the supply chain solution must be designed specifically for the customer’s needs and goals. What enables DSC to move rapidly and effectively toward strategies and solutions for each customer is our commitment to process management which in turn allows us to deploy resources anytime, anywhere, efficiently and effectively. In an unpredictable and ever-changing world, know-how that is embedded in processes and people can be – and is – readily adapted to new circumstances.

Our nationwide network of Logistics Centers provides each customer with maximum flexibility, and, beyond that, we stand ready with people and process to start up quickly anywhere. Each customer’s overall supply chain solution determines where their operations will be located. The services we provide at any of our Logistics Centers also change according to customer’s needs. In addition to services such as packaging, fulfillment, inventory control and management, crossdocking, kitting and labeling, we provide consulting services such as supply chain design, modeling and optimization. A customer’s solution may include any or all of these.

When the solution includes Transportation Management, customers interface with our Transportation Center to benefit from services such as carrier management, mode selection, freight bill payment and audits, consolidated billing, as well as freight consolidation and load optimization. As the entire industry is faced with new regulations, rising fuel costs and other changes, DSC helps customers understand and respond to those changes.

Today’s successful businesses must be strategically flexible and exceptionally adept at operational innovation. At DSC, we use proven methodologies, training and evaluation to make sure we are flawlessly executing to our customer’s needs. By excelling at operations through process management and continual improvement, and leveraging leadership throughout, we facilitate growth and change, help our customers improve service, lower costs and transform business processes.

We get it done.