Unlocking the tremendous potential of the supply chain

At DSC Logistics, "collaboration" means the development of an active—and proactive—partnership, the creation of a coalition of people willing and able to work together. The collaborative nature of the partnership must begin with the first conversation. We start by focusing from the "customer back"—we find out what our customer wants and needs to accomplish and design the solution based on their business situation and needs. Our Mission is to help our customers achieve their business goals.

We look at each customer's business from the broadest possible perspective. We know supply chain management is a complicated proposition, requiring the sharing of information, the application of a wide range of capabilities, the insight to identify and/or create unique strategies and solutions, the successful integration of business processes and the extraordinary synergy of a vibrant, dynamic relationship built on trust and communication. The most important resources we bring to this complex process: our "tools" (including information technology and engineering know-how), our leadership and our first-hand experience with proactively leading and managing not only change but also the partnership process that deals successfully with that change.

We understand that the outsourcing of supply chain operations proceeds through a predictable "life cycle," and we have developed our Partnership Process to manage through the various stages. Collaboration runs throughout the process—from solution development and planning to business process integration to continual improvement, and when change is dynamically managed, back through the cycle to reevaluate and redesign solutions as needed.

To effectively manage this process, DSC utilizes both an Operations Consistency Team and a Customer Care Team. These professionals focus on the day-to-day operation of a customer's business as well as on the potential problems or opportunities a customer may face in the future.

In the well-integrated and well-managed supply chain, collaboration significantly reduces the time and cost of individual tasks and increases the likelihood that outcomes will be sustained or improved. The solidarity of our joint effort—built on open, honest communication and cooperation—also enables us to deal with changes, transitions, problems and improvements with greater speed and efficiency. Together with our customer, we lower total system costs, transform our integrated business processes, facilitate business growth and change and provide better service and information to our customer and our customer's customer. By building a strong collaborative relationship, we believe we can achieve things together that neither of us could alone.