Network Modeling and Design

At a time when supply chains are under constant pressure to deliver a high level of service at a low cost in an ever-changing landscape, DSC’s network modeling and design capability helps customers optimize their supply chain networks to ensure the efficient flow of product.

DSC has provided network optimization modeling to customers in a variety of industries – food and consumer package goods, health and medical products, paper products, electronics and others – all with global supply chains. Whatever the industry, we always start with our customer’s objectives and focus on service improvement and cost savings.

Our customized network design analysis brings together state-of-the-art network modeling software with a team of industry experts dedicated to delivering network solutions. Our four-step process is designed to deliver a significant ROI that can be implemented. Since we are a logistics service provider, we make sure that our recommendations are optimal yet realistic, not merely theoretical. And, we’re confident enough to stand by our solutions and our ability to implement them.

We utilize the LogicTools suite of software programs for strategic supply chain network design and analysis (LogicNet Plus), supply chain master planning (LogicChain) and inventory planning (Inventory Analyst), and MercuryGate Transportation Modeler for tactical transportation optimization modeling.

With an entire company dedicated to logistics and supply chain management, we have access to real transportation rates – across all modes, both international and domestic – and to real estate, labor and warehouse pricing. As a result, the projected savings from our network optimization modeling have proven to be highly accurate.