Health Care Supply Chain Management

DSC applies supply chain leadership, strategic knowledge and operational skills to challenges of medical device and pharmaceutical partners

In today's health care marketplace, medical device and pharmaceutical companies face unprecedented industry changes: intense competition, price/margin pressure, tougher regulatory enforcement, and the unpredictability of health care reform. Many of these companies are exploring ways to restructure, streamline, consolidate and redesign core functions to maintain their competitive edge.

The supply chain presents significant opportunities and values for reducing costs while enabling growth and building a strong brand.

DSC's experience in health care supply chain management dates back two decades and includes partnerships with dynamic companies in various specialty areas and business situations. Over the course of those 20 years, DSC has customized solutions to help life sciences partners achieve their goals.

Health Care Supply Chain Management became an area of leadership for DSC after an in-depth assessment of challenges and risks of medical device and pharmaceutical companies revealed that DSC's Strategic Partnership Process and capabilities are effective in addressing the complex and changing needs in this environment. Capabilities include the ability to engineer and adapt systems and processes, expertise in start-ups including business process integration, experience in managing regulations, VAWD and state licensing requirements, and a full range of operations skills -- such as Lot/SKU control, FDA Hold, temperature control, recall/return management and a high percentage of time-sensitive, special orders.

DSC delivers operational and strategic supply chain solutions that enable medical device and pharmaceutical companies to meet the dynamic and critical supply chain demands of their health care provider customers.