Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ)

With Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) activation at our Logistics Center near Joliet, Illinois, DSC can provide customers FTZ benefits, enabling them to reduce certain operating costs they normally accrue conducting international business in the U.S.

Because goods admitted into an FTZ are not considered part of U.S. commerce upon arrival into the Zone, the Customs Entry procedure does not occur until the goods leave the Zone for domestic distribution. As an FTZ operator, DSC adds value to customers through four main areas of potential savings: reduction of merchandise processing fee (MPF), duty deferral, duty elimination and product manipulation (kitting).

An important benefit DSC offers as an activated FTZ is expedited processing of containers at ports of entry. Imported containers ship in bond to DSC from the port avoiding potential lengthy delays. In a “JIT” industry with increased globalization, time savings are paramount to customer satisfaction.

Because an FTZ site has enhanced merchandise security, key personnel at DSC have undergone a government background check. As an FTZ operator, DSC has partnered with U.S. Customs and can perform a variety of functions: distribution; storage; testing and inspection; repackaging; repair; and, with permits, assembly and manufacturing.

As an FTZ operator, we can help companies interested in tapping overseas markets gain potent advantage. DSC’s vision is to deploy this capability to other geographies within the U.S. Achieving FTZ certification and activation is part of our on-going research and development.