Our Services

At DSC, while each of our supply chain management services provides value to our customers, the greatest value comes from working as a collaborative supply chain partner across multiple services and geographies to address changing circumstances and achieve business goals.

Lead Logistics Partner (LLP)
As a strategic supply chain partner, fulfilling the role of Lead Logistics Partner (LLP), DSC manages the entire supply chain, from manufacturer to retail distribution channels – and, in some cases, even extending back to raw materials. DSC collaborates with the customer on a customized solution, including designing and adapting the network and, when appropriate, managing other 3PLs. This type of partnership is particularly effective for customers who want maximum efficiency and flexibility from their supply chain – and who want a partner, rather than merely a provider.

Logistics Center Management
DSC effectively manages facilities, equipment, processes, labor, inventory and information to move products through the customer’s global supply chain in a cost-effective manner that meets and exceeds customer service expectations.

Value-Added Services
Through customized services in our Logistics Centers, DSC helps customers successfully execute postponement and marketing promotion strategies. Handling value-added services (such as packaging, display building, light assembly and others) on-site in DSC Logistics Centers reduces the time, cost, and risk of damage involved in moving goods off-site to a co-packer.

Transportation Management
Moving products through the supply chain requires the coordination, optimization and execution of shipments via all modes of transportation (domestic and international). DSC manages the process to streamline the customer’s operations, comply with requirements and regulations, and provide greater visibility and flexibility.

Network Analysis and Design
At a time when supply chains are under constant pressure to deliver a high level of service at a low cost in an ever-changing landscape, DSC’s network modeling and design capability helps customers optimize their supply chain networks to ensure the efficient flow of product.

Business Process Integration
At the outset of a newly outsourced supply chain, DSC provides leadership for the process of aligning, coordinating and combining business functions. Business Process Integration positively impacts the performance of the customer’s supply chain and the success of the partnership for both Logistics Center and Transportation solutions.

Information Technology Services
The effective use of technology automates and integrates supply chain business processes, electronically capturing and delivering data to DSC’s customers, partners, employees and management in the format, frequency, and detail level needed to optimize the supply chain.

Consolidation Services (MOST)
DSC’s MOST (Multi-vendor Optimization Strategy) consolidation program combines orders into full truck loads of outbound products and/or coordinates multiple pickups of inbound shipments. DSC is one of three consolidators endorsed by Wal-Mart’s Remix program.