Value-Added Services

Customized processes in our Logistics Centers modify or handle postponement of products and product configurations according to specific customer needs.

Point-of-sale display building
Configuring of finished product in units to be displayed on sales floor. Configurations include display units, modules, shippers, trays and rainbow pallets.

Modification or enhancement of product identification through the application of standardized or customized labeling, including ink jet coding, EPC/RFID, UCC128 and other specialized requirements.

Assembly of a variety of finished products and associated materials into a new combined selling unit.

Product customization
Modification of a product to meet specialized requirements of specific, unique applications for the customer.

Light manufacturing/assembly
Semi-automated assembly line configuration of pre-manufactured components into a finished product. End products can be standard or customized to specific order requirements.

Customized enclosure of products in a variety of materials and forms, including clamshells, boxes, blister packs and shrink wrap, for final distribution, sale or use.

Rework, refurbishment and recycling
Maximizing the value of returned, damaged or unsalable product through repackaging, remanufacturing or disassembly for component parts.