Transportation Management

Moving products through the supply chain requires the coordination, optimization and execution of shipments via all modes of transportation (domestic and international).

Strategic network planning and design
Analysis of data and customer expectations resulting in optimized transportation route and mode network model.

Planning, scheduling and consolidation
Load planning, optimization and tendering, including consolidation of same customer and multi-customer orders, resulting in route and mode selection to minimize costs and meet service requirements.

Carrier management/regulatory compliance
Identifying, bidding, contracting and managing carrier relationships and ensuring compliance with all relevant regulatory agencies.

Fleet management
Hiring and training of drivers and support personnel, asset acquisition and maintenance, and management of DSC-controlled fleet.

Shipment management
Execution of moving shipments from point to point through the utilization of partner carriers, DSC fleet or international transportation partners.

Customer service
Managing the seamless flow of information throughout the supply chain to ensure execution to customer expectations.

Freight payment
Auditing and processing of carrier freight bills, accessorial expenses and invoices against contractual rates and tariffs to ensure accurate and timely collection of charges and payment to carriers.

Reporting and analysis
Collection and analysis of customer shipment and carrier data to track and improve service and financial performance.

Claims management
Receiving, auditing and researching carrier invoice claims, freight claims and customer compliance fines for payment or dispute.