DSC takes leadership role in Transportation

DSC has taken major steps in 2012 toward expanding and improving capabilities in the area of transportation. This follows two years of expansion in the company’s role as transportation partner to key customers, where business volume increased dramatically. As a multi-modal, full-service transportation provider DSC has positioned itself to be a leader in the industry.

2012 initiatives include:
Ken Heller, DSC’s Senior Vice President, Supply Chain Excellence, has been named to lead the newly formed Transportation Council focusing on service and growth with existing customers and new customers through supply chain optimization, solutions development and continual improvement. Four other DSC transportation experts, including Scott Morgan, Vice President, Transportation Strategic Partnerships, also will serve on the Council.

Justin Zubrod, leading expert in the field of Transportation, has been named to DSC’s Advisory Board of Directors and also will participate on the Transportation Council. Justin has more than 30 years of experience as a consultant to companies in all aspects of the transportation industry. He also serves as Chair of the Business Advisory Council (BAC) at Northwestern University’s Transportation Center. DSC’s CEO Ann Drake serves as Vice Chair of the BAC.

DSC’s Transportation Center has been redesigned to centralize DSC professionals who manage all aspects of transportation services for customers in one location with access to streams of live information about shipments, schedules, conditions, etc. The re-designed Center facilitates collaboration and information-sharing so that transportation efficiencies can be optimized for customers.

According to Ken Heller, “Our significant growth in transportation over the years, especially the recent expansion, enables us to provide better service at a lower cost to meet a greater range of needs and circumstances.

“Effective transportation partnerships require customized solutions. This includes not only our role as Lead Logistics Partner for several key customers, where we manage their entire distribution network, but also could include specialized capabilities that address more specific needs, such as direct store delivery,” he continued. “This range of capabilities is especially important to our larger customers whose business strategies call for a variety of types of transportation approaches. For smaller customers, our consolidation program MOST, (Multi-Vendor Optimization Strategy) is providing efficiencies and a level of service to their customers not available to them on their own.

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