Logistics Center Management

Effectively managed facilities, equipment, processes, labor, inventory and information move products through the customer’s global supply chain at the appropriate cost and exceeding customer service expectations.

Customer service management
Addressing the customer’s needs regarding the ordering, configuration and delivery of goods to and from our Logistics Centers for seamless, accurate and on-time flow of product and information from customer order to receipt of inventory.

Asset management
Evaluating, procuring and maintaining facilities and equipment to ensure optimal service levels and continually improve cost effectiveness of Logistics Center operations.

Inventory management
Managing quantity, quality and aging of inventory by tracking, reporting and moving products through the Logistics Center according to the customer’s needs.

Labor management
Applying processes, systems and employee communication to maximize human resources for efficiency, consistency and productivity in a dynamic environment.

Specialized environmental control
Creating and maintaining conditions to meet or exceed customer/product requirements and regulatory and industry standards for sanitation, temperature, humidity or other specialized needs.

Collection, analysis and reporting of data to understand the characteristics of the business and the execution of the Logistics Center through Key Performance Indicators measuring areas such as customer service, operations, finance, safety, sanitation and quality.

Employee safety
Establishing safe practices, training, monitoring, counseling and providing equipment to ensure a safe working environment in compliance with regulations.

Providing a secure environment to prevent loss and contamination in compliance with the appropriate regulatory agencies.