Information Technology Services

The effective use of technology automates and integrates supply chain business processes, electronically captures and delivers all related data to DSC’s customers, partners, employees and management in the format, frequency and detail level needed to optimize the supply chain.

DSC's integrated supply chain applications
DSC's proprietary Warehouse Management System (WMS) and MercuryGate's Transportation Management System (TMS) are integrated to support optimized warehouse and transportation management services. In addition, our ASK! supply chain visibility tool (Viewlocity) provides web-based access to customer order activity and inventory levels for our customers.

We exploit a variety of technologies to make our Logistics Center operations efficient and accurate, including

    Red Prairie’s Labor Management module integrated with our WMS
    Bar Coding and scanning to reduce data entry
    Radio Frequency (RF) terminals that update our WMS in real time
    Slap-and-Ship RFID (using Manhattan Associates software)
    Compliance labels (UCC-128) and Forms
    VICS Standard Bills of Lading and Packing Lists
Our MercuryGate TMS provides:
    Freight bill audit & payment
    Transportation management
    Load Optimization & mode conversion
    Transportation Modeler ("What If" scenarios)
    Export Documentation using Global Wizard integrated with our WMS & TMS

Using LogicTools suite, our Supply Chain Solutions team can

    Strategically optimize your distribution network for warehouse size, location and transportation services
    Analyze seasonal variations to optimize stock and staffing levels
    Develop an optimal inventory deployment strategy

Enterprise process integration
Electronically exchanging supply chain transaction information with our customer's systems, as well as third party systems, enables secure access for our customers to information required by their business. DSC accommodates this integration by trading standard EDI transactions with our customers, carriers, and other Supply Chain Partners through the internet using AS2. DSC has also developed custom electronic data exchanges using other technical protocols such as FTP, XML, etc.

Utilizing many different techniques and methods, DSC can provide network integration for our customers so that secure access to their systems can be available at DSC-operated Logistics Centers.

Integrating operations with customer ERP or proprietary systems
In managing the Supply Chain for our customers, we understand the need to exchange information with our customer's ERP or proprietary systems in the format and timing required. Our track record for over 10 years has seen successful implementations with customers who utilize SAP, Oracle, Vormittag and other ERPs to run their business. We have assisted our customers, as they convert from legacy systems to their new ERPs when they outsource their Supply Chain management to DSC. We have developed the planning and technical expertise to guide our customers in determining the optimal way to exchange data required by their systems. In addition, DSC is able to easily network with our customers in order to provide direct access to their systems for Logistics Center use, if required for query or other purposes.

We offer the following services:

    Electronic transmission of data between systems
    System conversion planning and execution
    Integration testing
    Network to network VPN connections

Support (24 x 7) for DSC's hardware, network and applications
Our Data Center monitors the performance and availability of DSC's network, the operation of hardware in the Logistics Centers, and the WMS and TMS, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. They are able to resolve problems or escalate them quickly to ensure seamless service to your customer.

Customized IT solutions
When customers have specific requirements, DSC is able to deploy new capabilities that resolve customer's business issues using a variety of cost-effective methods. Our flexible WMS allows us to develop customer-specific solutions within the standard application.