Business Process Integration

Leadership for the process of aligning, coordinating and combining business functions at the outset of a newly outsourced supply chain project positively impacts the performance of the customer's supply chain, and the success of the partnership. We provide leadership for both Logistics Center and Transportation solutions.

Customer requirements
Working with our customer to coordinate, obtain and document the requirements between DSC, our customer and their customers. In addition to the license and documentation requirements, we work with our customer’s operational team to uncover unwritten existing practices and determine whether these practices should be included in our operations.

Project management
Administration and management of a complex integration to ensure identification of tasks, determination of responsibilities, budget achievement and completion date. DSC utilizes standard methodology, approach and tools, including Gantt charts, Business Requirements Documents, Staffing and Training Plans and Action Registers, to help ensure seamless integration and a repeatable process.

Integrated process documentation
Detailed mapping, integration and documentation of key business processes, such as customer service, information technology, transportation and finance, between DSC operations and our supply chain partner.

Dedicated BPI team
Strategic management of DSC’s human resources for project support. DSC’s specialized teams—Integration, Start-up, Local Operations, SCOUTs—each play a role in successful implementation. DSC’s SCOUT (Supply Chain On-Site Unification Team) resource draws together experts from throughout the network to bring the new operation to a point of stability and efficiency.

Staffing process
Utilization of DSC’s proven hiring strategy to select and train the right team prior to the beginning of operations. We apply careful planning and constant and direct communication to our recruiting process. We use a rigorous pre-hiring process of reference and background checks, skill and cognitive ability testing, drug tests, fit-for-duty physicals and formal interviews to ensure quality in operations.

Information Technology
Designing and executing all forms of information exchange and communications (data/information, metrics, reporting and visibility) between the supply chain partners. During the BPI phase, DSC manages all hardware, software and communication requirements, including all requirements for the Logistics Center, Corporate Offices and our customer’s customers’ requirements.

Purchasing/commercial requirements
Ensuring all equipment and services are acquired through our network of preferred vendors at the optimal cost and time to meet project budgetary constraints. DSC also supports obtaining all the necessary commercial requirements, including permits, licenses and operating agreements.