10 Problems We Can Help You Solve

Is your supply chain moving you ahead? Or holding you back?

Is it an effective, flexible tool to help you achieve your business goals? Or an inefficient drain on your resources?

If your supply chain isn’t part of the solution, it might be part of the problem.

These are just 10 of the many business situations that bring customers to DSC for supply chain expertise.

1. Going through a merger or an acquisition
When your company merges with or acquires another company, many decisions must be made swiftly and smoothly. You'll need to rethink your distribution network based on new or expanded products, markets, and objectives.

As your supply chain partner, DSC Logistics can lead you through your due diligence. We can also analyze your changing supply chain needs and design a solution to integrate and optimize your newly combined resources. We will help you identify duplications or gaps in your network, eliminate inefficiencies, and coordinate or consolidate your operations.

At DSC, we have helped many companies of all sizes through mergers and acquisitions, so we can help you move your supply chain forward without delay.

2. Starting up a supply chain
Whether you're launching a new company, a new product or a new distribution channel, you'll want to be "up and running" as soon as possible. Starting up and integrating business processes is a complicated process that requires infrastructure, experience, and adaptive systems to manage and integrate all aspects of the supply chain.

Each new supply chain presents a unique set of challenges that must be understood and addressed immediately. A recent “spin-off,” for example, may lose many of its key employees, its infrastructure may diminish and its distribution network will be significantly altered. You'll need to establish credibility right away, reinforce your customer base and “get going!”

At DSC Logistics, we've developed a proven methodology for starting up, one that helps us to pre-empt and prevent many problems you'd otherwise encounter. While you concentrate on the other aspects of your enterprise, we will focus on your supply chain integration. DSC specialty Business Process Integration (BPI) teams know how to work with complex circumstances and tight timetables. They can facilitate the smooth and uninterrupted flow of your product to your customers.

3. Outsourcing for the first time
In this turbulent business environment, more and more companies are deciding to concentrate on core capabilities and looking to outside partners to help them succeed. If you're in this situation, you’ll want to collaborate on developing effective supply chain solutions. You'll want information—and knowledgeable people who know how to use it. You'll be looking for increased efficiency and effectiveness because, like most companies in business today, you may be facing pressures to meet financial goals.

At DSC Logistics, we start by focusing on your goals. Instead of relying on lists of what we do, we find out what you want and need. We apply our best knowledge and information to create innovative strategies and decisions for your business and your customers. By integrating operations and capabilities with process management, we're able to assure consistency and flawless execution. When your business dynamics change, we'll adapt readily and move quickly. Together, we can achieve more than either of us could alone.

4. Entering a new market or new location
As your business expands to new customer populations and new geographical regions, your supply chain may have to be relocated or reconfigured. Combining network modeling, logistics center management, centralized transportation management, inventory deployment and other supply chain activities into a cohesive plan requires thinking through a myriad of options and developing a design that suits your specific business goals.

DSC Logistics operates a nationwide network of logistics centers and a centralized national transportation management group with capabilities that can be adapted and resources that can be readily deployed whenever or wherever they are needed. We can help you develop a plan that gives you immediate access to the people you want to reach, from the places you need to be.

5. Meeting special customer demands
Meeting the rigorous requirements and changing needs of your customers can be a complex and difficult task. DSC Logistics has invested in processes that support a variety of compliance requirements in many different industries. With DSC as your supply chain partner, you’re able to leverage our investment and knowledge of these requirements, and we are able to adapt our processes as your customer's criteria change.

One of the most demanding areas of today’s supply chain is the retail arena, where many customers and other consignees require that products be delivered in a unique way. You’re at a disadvantage if you don’t have established relationships with these delivery locations—or if you have no practical and effective way to combine your products with those of another manufacturer. At DSC, our ongoing relationships with many customers and providers allows us, when advantageous, to combine multiple manufacturers’ shipments to make a single delivery to your trading partners, eliminating multiple deliveries to the same location.

6. Keeping up with business growth
Significant growth can have a major impact on your supply chain performance. Your supply chain may be straining under demands that have gradually—or suddenly—increased beyond your system capabilities. The result may be a patchwork of providers and operations that are a problem waiting to happen.

Through a proven process of analysis, design, engineering, and creative problem-solving, DSC will work with you to make your supply chain one of the best aspects of your business, instead of one of its weak spots. Partnering with DSC is a means of quickly and efficiently closing the gap between your current supply chain capabilities and the level of operating efficiency and strategic flexibility you need to succeed in this competitive environment.

7. Needing faster, more or different information
In this Information Age, the more you know and the earlier you know, the better your decisions will be. Both external circumstances and internal business strategies exert tremendous pressures on companies to absorb new information, analyze the implications, rethink, redesign, and move forward. Yet to update your technology with every new advance requires a major investment that may drain your resources.

DSC continually invests in improving technology because managing change and information in your supply chain is our business. One of the most recent additions to our technology capabilities is ASK! (Advanced Supply Chain Knowledge). This powerful capability offers customers enterprise-wide visibility into supply chain operations and allows DSC to proactively manage events during an order's life cycle.

8. Looking for a broader solution
Logistics used to be just about buildings and boxes, trucking and tracking. But today's supply chain management needs to be about information, relationships, complex solutions and creative strategies. You want a supply chain partner who understands the entire supply chain, end-to-end, and knows how to use it to your best advantage.

At DSC Logistics, we view supply chain management in terms of both the biggest picture and the smallest details. We are a thinking, learning organization. So we use experience and know-how to develop supply chain solutions that encompass all your needs within the context of your overall business goals. With expertise in logistics center management, centralized transportation management, business process integration, technology and information, and related knowledge-based services, we work through our leadership, processes and systems to provide what you need.

9. Eliminating inefficiencies
A supply chain that runs smoothly and flawlessly is a tremendous business asset. It can reduce your costs, enhance your profitability and support your business growth strategies. The more complex your business and the more dynamic your marketplace, the greater challenge it becomes to avoid costly mistakes and delays, while balancing the cost and service trade-offs.

At DSC Logistics, we use process management to assure accuracy and consistency. We manage our processes through training, documentation, monitoring and evaluation—and focus each employee's attention on meeting our customer's requirements, every day, in every way.

10. Increasing flexibility
One of the biggest challenges facing many companies in this dynamic business environment is designing and managing the supply chain to react rapidly to changing strategies and changing market conditions. If you want to grow your business and take advantage of new opportunities, you need a supply chain partner who doesn't resist change, a partner who knows how to adapt a supply chain as it evolves and matures as well as how to "turn on a dime" when change occurs suddenly. In the right hands, the supply chain is an extremely flexible instrument that enhances your ability to succeed in today's dynamic business environment.

At DSC Logistics, we’ve adopted a sense-and-respond transformational strategy, structure and culture to enable us to anticipate, understand and make the most of change in our customer’s business. We understand that successful companies need to keep reinventing themselves, so we’ve created a culture that places high value on adaptability, versatility and ingenuity. We create or combine capabilities. We customize quickly. We rapidly deploy resources wherever they are needed.

This focus on change-ability sets DSC apart from other providers. It keeps us pro-active and resourceful. It makes us ready for anything!