Ann Drake presents Spisak Lecture at Penn State

DSC Logistics CEO Ann Drake presented the Spisak Lecture in Logistics and Supply Chain Management at The Pennsylvania State University Smeal College of Business, April 1. Ann also met with supply chain professors and members of the steering group for the Women of Smeal Initiative, which provides forums for creating new opportunities for leadership development.

Ann spoke on the topic, “Beyond Analytics: The Human Equation in Strategic Business Process Outsourcing,” describing DSC’s path over the 20 plus years she has been CEO, from collaboration, to partnership, to leadership.

Seeing an exciting future for DSC and for the audience of supply chain students and educators, Ann said, “I believe the leadership of the twenty-first century in organizations and select civic and government roles will come from people who understand the supply chain.”

Telling the audience her favorite definition of leadership is “taking people where they wouldn’t go themselves,” she said, “This is a tremendous opportunity for you to step up to leadership…organizational leadership…multi-company leadership…global leadership. You can go absolutely anywhere, and the supply chain will take you there.”