DSC's Accu-Pick featured in Modern Materials Handling magazine

Accu-Pick, DSC’s forklift integrated accuracy system, and Jim Chamberlain, Senior Director, Industrial Engineering and Continual Improvement, are featured in the August issue of Modern Materials Handling in the section on "Modern best practices" under the headline, "Lift trucks as materials handling innovations." A sidebar (“DSC Logistics’ new order verification process reduces labor and improves accuracy”) following the main story shows the Accu-Pick process step-by-step.

Also, DSC was featured in a case study about Accu-Pick in Cascade Corporation's "On the Job Report" media piece. DSC utilized Cascade iForks in conjunction with IT programming to create Accu-Pick. DSC and Cascade will be covered in a segment on the role technology plays in manufacturing and machinery for the tv show, Innovations, hosted by Ed Begley Jr., to be broadcast later this year.

Accu-Pick involves integrated scales on forklifts and the ability to communicate to and from the RF units on lift trucks and DSC’s WMS. When an employee going to pick puts product on a pallet, the weight is sent across to the WMS. The WMS compares the actual weight to what it should be, based on the number of cases on the order, and, if it matches, the employee continues. If it doesn’t match, an investigation determines why there is a discrepancy.

Typically, a quality program addresses errors with a person checking on the dock. With unique Accu-Pick, the error is identified and addressed at the source; it never reaches the dock or the customer. This way, managers can counsel employees about errors which can be corrected immediately. Accu-Pick brings more discipline to the picking process and allows focus on Best Practices. The use of Accu-Pick has led to unexpected productivity gains along with accuracy improvement. There are built-in decision processes within the system that don’t allow employees to make bad picking decisions.

Accu-Pick’s development started when Jim Chamberlain, Senior Director, Industrial Engineering and Continual Improvement, was troubled by downstream checking. He started talking with DSC’s material handling partners and that led to the productive combination of programming from IT and a cross department team (Engineering, IT, Operations, Process).