DSC Logistics Brings Expertise to the FMI and GMA Second Annual Supply Chain Conference
DSC sends directors and vice presidents to participate in conference

Chicago, Illinois (January 31, 2011) – DSC Logistics is sending six director-level and above attendees to the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) and Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) Supply Chain Conference January 30 – February 1, 2011, bringing their knowledge to the FMI/GMA discussions and sessions. With 50 years of experience in providing Supply Chain Management services to food and consumer good customers, DSC has developed an expertise in these industry segments, and gained a thorough knowledge of the food and consumer goods Supply Chains. Additional capabilities DSC provides to their food and consumer goods customer partners include Lead Logistics Partner, Value-Added Services, food safety management, Transportation Management, Labor Management, and sustainability.

 Of particular value to food and consumer goods’ manufacturers is Labor Management, which helps customers optimize their operations, manage and reduce costs, and provides labor related metrics. DSC's director of industrial engineering, Jim Chamberlain, has spoken and appeared in a variety of publications and industry events discussing how DSC has incorporated the labor management functionality into their technology platform for use across the DSC network. "As a supply chain management provider, labor is the biggest component of our business," Chamberlain says. "Our ability to manage that labor could be seen as a differentiator."

The Labor Management initiative was adopted as part of DSC's continual improvement efforts to improve quality while reducing the cost of their operations and increasing flexibility. Building on DSC's process orientation, quality system and engineering orientation, adding sophisticated labor management functionality was a natural progression, and has successfully been implemented in each of their Logistics Centers with multiple partners. The results have been significant improvements in cost and quality which is passed on to DSC's customers. Several of DSC's locations have seen direct labor cost improvements as high as 20 percent with no degradation in service or quality. In fact, quality has improved through improved practices, task management focus, and processes.

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