DSC Logistics Celebrates 50th Anniversary
From single warehouse to strategic supply chain partner

Chicago, Illinois (April 21, 2010) – DSC Logistics, a company that began in 1960 as a single warehouse and has transformed to become one of the nation's leading logistics and supply chain management partners, today kicked-off its 50th Anniversary celebration. From corporate headquarters in Des Plaines, Illinois, CEO Ann Drake announced to employees throughout the nationwide network that special events during the rest of 2010 will mark significant milestones of what she called "our remarkable journey." Celebrations also are planned to involve partners and customers and will feature a theme that focuses on the future as well as the past.

Drake's father, Jim McIlrath, founded Dry Storage Corporation in leased space in a building on Chicago's Southside with one customer, his own savings and $2,000 borrowed from his father. In the years between 1960 and 1990, Dry Storage Corporation became an established public warehousing and trucking business and continued to expand capabilities and geographies.

When Drake joined the company in 1990 as executive vice president, strategy and culture, she began the transformation to the organization that today combines strategic knowledge and operations excellence to help customers achieve business goals by managing change and information in the supply chain. One of her first steps was consolidating the 22 separate companies that belonged to Dry Storage Corporation into one entity with a new name: DSC Logistics. Along with a new identity came a company-wide emphasis on integrated logistics services, consistency across all operations in a nation-wide network, and the increasing importance of technology for improved product and information flow. As customers' needs changed, DSC developed new ways to address them, and relationships with some of the world's most dynamic companies in the areas of food, consumer goods, health care, electronics, paper products, and tobacco evolved as well. By concentrating on six strengths - leadership, collaboration, information, execution, flexibility and integrity - DSC became more of a partner than just a provider of services.

"We are especially grateful for our long-term partnerships and for the way DSC has grown along with those partners," Drake said. "A decade and a half ago, building on the solid foundation established over the course of the previous thirty-plus years, we took a rather bold step and staked our future on the idea that the supply chain could be a powerful strategic tool. Our partners began to understand that in addition to running excellent operations, we could bring information and ideas to the table and collaborate with them on creative strategies and solutions."

"That direction turned out to be the right one for us," she continued. Within the past year, DSC has expanded its role as a strategic partner by being named Lead Logistics Partner (LLP) for three global companies. As LLP, DSC manages the entire supply chain, from manufacturer to retail distribution channels and, in some cases, even extending back to raw materials. In this capacity, DSC also manages other logistics providers in the network.

"Our relationship with customers has gone far beyond moving and storing boxes to include designing, integrating, managing, and adapting supply chain solutions," Drake explained. "Yet this complex business still depends on the simple principle of working with our customers to address their changing needs and achieve their goals."

In addition to posting anniversary stories in internal and external communication materials, DSC will highlight the anniversary theme for employees - "Celebrating 50 Years and a Bright Future" - during its annual Founder's Day celebrations during the third quarter of 2010. Plans also are underway for a high-level future-focused symposium in the fall for customers and other business leaders.

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