Reprinted from TRAFFIC WORLD, January 20, 2003

DSC Logistics named by Traffic World as one of Leaders of the (3PL) Pack 

"As the concept of logistics outsourcing has become more popular, the third-party logistics industry has grown at a rapid pace and, to some extent, more by accident than design. Today there are literally hundreds of companies offering 3PL services and as one might imagine some of these offerings are executed more efficiently than others.

Which are the best? Best is a relative term and each user of 3PL services will have unique needs that will lead them to specific providers. Notwithstanding this, there are ten which, in my opinion, stand out as 'leaders of the pack'."

Here's what Traffic World said about DSC:
"DSC Logistics has grown from the roots of what was once called Dry Storage Corp. Despite that rather unimaginative name, it was one of the early premier warehouse companies in the Midwest, and DSC has grown from this to an efficient, sophisticated national provider of warehouse and other supply-chain services."

Traffic World defines "Leadership"
"Leadership is sometimes hard to define: you just know it when you see it, but in the logistics industry the leaders all seem to have three underlying and, in my opinion, necessary attributes.

First of all, they are well managed. No provider will succeed, no matter what services they offer, if it does not have good leaders and continuity of leadership.

Secondly, the leading providers have a broad, experience-based knowledge of the logistics industry that many of the new entrants simply do not have.

Finally, they have demonstrated that, whatever their roots, they have a proven ability to remain flexible and respond to change."


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