Director, IT Business Applications, to speak at Loyola University Chicago

DSC’s Sean Moore, Director, IT Business Applications, will be a panelist presenting “Real-IT-y: What you need to know about the future IT job market,” at Loyola University Chicago, November 23.

Sean and other notable leaders from the field of technology will speak to Loyola students about what it takes to be successful in the IT market today. They will discuss the role of IT in helping business; how to develop problem solving, communication and networking skills; current and future needs, trends and opportunities related to IT workforce skills; and how to best utilize time and resources in order to be relevant and prepared for the working world. More

1. Going through a merger or an acquisition
2. Starting up a supply chain
3. Outsourcing for the first time
4. Entering a new market or new location
5. Meeting special customer demands
6. Keeping up with business growth
7. Needing faster, more or different information
8. Looking for a broader solution
9. Eliminating inefficiencies
10. Increasing flexibility
Fall 2015 marks an exciting period of industry involvement for DSC Health Care as our leaders participate in three major events

Fall 2015 marks an exciting period of industry involvement for DSC Health Care as our leaders participate in three major events: LogiPharma Conference (September 27 – 29, Princeton, NJ), presentation of the 2015 Thinkers & Movers Award to two health care leaders (September 28, San Diego, CA), and the Health and Personal Care Logistics Conference (October 12 - 13, Chicago, IL).  more

How DSC helped Pioneer improve service and reduce costs by integrating their supply chain
Devising a solution to keep an entire packaging cycle under one roof

When Pioneer looked to logistics provider, DSC Logistics, for a solution, they had confidence in our ability to keep their costs low. By consolidating steps and eliminating transportation to and from another provider, DSC enabled Pioneer to reduce inventory, improve service and lower costs.

Pioneer asked DSC to take over packaging the individual retail boxes for the DVD writer product line for which we were already handling distribution. With Pioneer, we devised a solution that keeps the entire packaging cycle under one roof, from initial product inbound to component inventory to the physical packout and eventual shipment of the finished goods. Having us perform the packaging enables Pioneer to reduce transportation costs as well as turn time on the product. Plus, they get tighter inventory controls on the components (manuals, software, screws, etc.)

It's a great example of DSC's flexibility. We took a packaging operation different from anything else we were performing and developed a working solution.