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Ann Drake, CEO

Ed Bowersox Chief Customer Officer

Kevin Glynn, Chief Information Officer

Kevin Coleman, Senior VP, Customer Solutions

Corporate Office
DSC Logistics
1750 South Wolf Road
Des Plaines, IL 60018
847.390.6800 phone
847.390.7276 fax
Inquiries about specifics services, location of our Logistics Centers or more information about our company.

Wal-Mart Remix
Inquiries about our Wal-Mart consolidation services.

Diversity Status
Inquiries about our Women Business Enterprise (WBE) status.

Customer Relations
Inquiries from current customers.

Human Resources/Careers
Inquiries about jobs and other related topics.

Media Relations
Inquiries about press and general media-related issues.

Website and General Feedback
Inquiries and comments regarding our website.