Why Choose DSC?

What We Look For

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What We Look For

We are looking for people who value the same qualities we do.

We choose to lead.
We want our people to demonstrate intellect, establish authenticity, have courage, be creative and innovative, and use their common sense and judgment.

We're dedicated to our customers' success.
We want people who can think, speak and act as if they were the customer, people who can build cooperative relationships with other groups, internally and externally.

We keep our eyes on the business.
We want people who can sense and respond to the changing business environment, people who can discover and learn by sharing information, exploring others’ opinions and developing ideas.

We get it done.
We want people who can work with others to achieve and sustain superior results and value, people who can solve problems, reach goals and see alternative courses of action.

We are a thinking, learning organization.
We want people who can think outside the box, anticipate changes that are going to occur and adapt constructively.

Do you think we are a good match?
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